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And it just goes on. Twenty minutes later, the antipasto plates arrive, served family style: Niman Ranch pancetta, Midnight Moon and Humboldt Fog goat cheeses, deep-fried lemons and chipotle aioli, smoked beef and grilled artichokes, squash and slices of watermelon radish--bizarre magenta-colored slivers that taste awesome raw.

People who come in here seem to feel like they are so glad to be in a softer, more nurturing, genuine place, where you can tell somebody's cooking the food with love and care. The hack will challenge participants to conceive and develop solutions to current challenges within the food industry, and ultimately the winning team will have the opportunity winning team to pitch its solutions at Expo Innovation Challenge and develop a scalable startup in 72 hours in collaboration with talented technopreneurs from around the world.

In this conference Alice Waters, chef, activist, Slow Food vice president and pioneer of the organic food movement in the US, will tell the Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet delegates why she places such emphasis on education, not only with the Edible Schoolyard Project with also through other initiatives.

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Armed with local wines, a good portion of the diners belong to Slow Food Silicon Valley, a local chapter of Slow Food International, which boasts more than 72, members worldwide in 48 different countries. A waitress lovingly sets down a basket of steaming fresh bread; its aroma drenches the entire table in fragrant ecstasy.

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And they're really about fast, cheap and easy. It means the knowledge of Medea and of Circe, and of Calypso, and Sheba. At the beginning, it costs more, but in time it costs less. This is the great part; we have this inside us. What we're really trying to tackle right now is Thanksgiving. It's human.

Chez Panisse was intended to serve primarily as a place where Waters could entertain her friends.

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