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The procedure division contains the statements that give the computer specific instructions to carry out the logic of the program. It only understands on and off. Keep in mind, however, that even though a given program would be compiled to different machine language versions on different machines, the source program itself-the COBOL version-can be essentially identical on each machine. It takes the programs written in assembly language and turns them into machine language. Machine Language Humans do not like to deal in numbers alone-they prefer letters and words. This lowest level of language, machine language, represents data and program instructions as 1s and Os-binary digits corresponding to the on and off electrical states in the computer. There are several possibilities: In a work environment, your manager may decree that everyone on your project will use a certain language. Modern computers contain millions or even billions of transistors, which means an unimaginably large number of combinations. Figure 4 presents the flowchart and pseudocode for the task of averaging numbers.

A key attraction is that it is independent of the architecture of any particular machine, a fact that contributes to the portability of C programs. Then comes the next line: 'int main void '. There are several possibilities: In a work environment, your manager may decree that everyone on your project will use a certain language.

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They must have the same interpreter, or you must have some way of giving it to them, and they need to understand how to use it. Recommended Training — Treehouse Although this site recommends various training services, our top recommendation is Treehouse.

The line between a language and its core library differs from language to language. Pascal: The Language of Simplicity Named for Blaise Pascal, the seventeenth-century French mathematician, Pascal was developed as a teaching language by a Swiss computer scientist, Niklaus Wirth, and first became available in If we define productivity as producing equivalent results in less time, then fourth-generation languages clearly increase productivity.

It is also the foundation for Visual Basic.

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Choosing a Language How do you choose the language with which to write your program? Nearly all of the main programming languages in use today are high-level languages. To replace the Is and Os used in machine language, assembly languages use mnemonic codes, abbreviations that are easy to remember: A for Add, C for Compare, MP for Multiply, STO for storing information in memory, and so on. In my opinion, interpreted languages are the best way to start if you have not done any programming before. But some natural languages can handle such a request. Different types of data are identified as the data is used. To do that, a number of things happen: The source code is translated into assembly language. Motivate the need to create a well-defined set of commands that all parties can agree upon for expressing the steps of a task, or in other words, a programming language. Among other things, this may permit a single variable to refer to values of different types at different points in the program execution. It is an excellent tool to work with when teaching programming to smaller age groups, as it makes creation of elaborate geometric shapes an easy task.

A cottage software industry can use the same basic tool-the language C-used by established software companies such as Microsoft and Borland.

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