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The story of a Brooklyn longshoreman, driven by jealousy and possible repressed homosexual longing, to turn in a pair of illegal immigrants, is unconvincing as a picture of working class life and unserious as a moral-social critique.

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Dreiser would burst into tears walking down the street, looking at the faces of people he met. A difficult time in his life, Miller ended a short and turbulent marriage with actress Marilyn Monroe.

It is extraordinary, in fact, that neither The Crucible, A View From the Bridge nor On the Waterfront—the first two, of course, morally far superior to the last—shed the slightest light on the concrete-historical situation in the US, the driving forces of the anticommunist witch-hunt or the roles played by the various social actors.

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His second wife, actress Marilyn Monroe —was the model for one of the characters. Miller wrote, were suing a man for libeling them as Communists and had agreed to play the leading roles.

He died of heart failure.

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Besides Rebecca, he is survived by the children of his first marriage, Jane and Robert; a sister, Joan Copeland, an actress; and four grandchildren. He established the Arthur Miller Foundation to help young artists.

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Willy Loman never made a lot of money. He also wrote essays, short stories and a autobiography, "Timebends: A Life. This proves, in fact, to be the case. But it was during the filming that Miller and Monroe's relationship hit difficulties, and he later said that the filming was one of the lowest points in his life. Miller's antipathy was understandable. The play was a success in China [55] and in , Salesman in Beijing, a book about Miller's experiences in Beijing, was published. The best American artistic work did not hold itself back from the terrible social reality. Although "The Crucible," a play about the Salem witch trials inspired by his virulent hatred of McCarthyism, and "A View From the Bridge," a drama of obsession and betrayal, would ultimately take their place as popular classics of the international stage, Mr. Articulate and intelligent as it is, The Crucible does not offer much insight into the source of McCarthyism or the state of American society as a whole. During World War II, his writing career gradually became more successful.
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Arthur Miller, an American playwright