5 senses writing activity for preschoolers

Try this again with the other noise-making objects. Ring the Bell Addition: Our math focus this week was beginning addition and subtraction so we started with this ring the bell sound addition game.

She glued the colored strips to a white piece of paper to create a rainbow. Madelynn used all 5 senses to explore the bin and we discussed how each sense is being used which a fun way to wrap up our 5 senses theme.

I filled a small bag with 6 different objects. She recorded the total then searched for 2 more cards and repeated until she filled her page. Then she opened them to find out and drew it on the response page. Finally she counted the bells to find the total and used another number magnet to show the total.

Jell-O Sensory Art: This art project was a feast for the senses! After reading, Madelynn completed the My 5 Senses: Seeing book by following the directions on each page. Let children take turns closing their eyes, reaching into the bag, and feeling an item.

After she finished writing, she glued the girl and popcorn bucket pieces together. Finally she used a dry erase marker to show how many pieces were left.

5 senses math activities preschool
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